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Rules, FAQ, etc.

rules, faq, etc.

· Be polite to everyone. It's okay to have differing opinions and to talk about those differing opinions but be nice. Extreme cases will result in banning.
· Do not bash people who like characters or 'ships you do not like. Again, it's okay to have different opinions but negative opinions are more appropriate at your own journal, not a general community.
· Warn for spoilers for the current season. Do not use spoilers for unaired episodes in your entries. Additionally, warn for anything
· For any challenge involving voting, your entries should be rate PG-13. For other challenges, make sure you warn for higher ratings and put the material behind an lj-cut or an lj-spoiler tag.
· This community only works if people participate. Make sure you participate at least once every two weeks to avoid being cut from the community.
· Follow the instructions and parameters for each challenge. If you do not, you risk being disqualified from the challenge.
· Everything submitted for challenges at slushieverse must be new and not posted anywhere else before.

· [How do I get involved in slushieverse?]How do I get involved in slushieverse? Apply and you will be sorted into a community. You will receive invitations to the challenge comm, your team comm, and the social comm.
· [Do I have to enter every challenge?]Do I have to enter every challenge? Not at all. You can do them all, some of them, or only enough to avoid being cut from the community. However, the more you participate, the more points you get.
· [I'm not the best at graphics/writing/whatever, is that okay?]I'm not the best at graphics/writing/whatever, is that okay? Totally! You'll get points for entering challenges regardless of skill-level. Also, if you are uncomfortable with other people seeing your work, many of the challenges have screened comments and you can tell me not to unscreen your comment. Only you and me need to see your work. For challenges with voting, you still get participation points for entering and for voting yourself.
· [Where do I enter?]Where do I enter? Reply with your entry or a link to your entry in your team thread in the challenge post.
· [Where do I ask questions about challenges?]Where do I ask questions about challenges? There will be a thread for questions in each challenge post. I will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.
· [What is a sig tag / tag banner?]What is a sig tag / tag banner? A sig tag, also called a tag banner, is a 300x150px graphic with your name and your team name on it that you put in every challenge entry comment. You get a bonus point for using your sig tag! Yay points!
· [What are gold stars? Battles? Wars?]What are gold stars? Battles? Wars? Gold stars are the same as points in other land comms. Battles = challenges and wars = rounds.

If you need to take a short break from the community or leave the community altogether, comment in this post. If you drop the community, you are always welcome to reapply.
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